Over Computer vision en mobile 3D scanning

Computer vision en mobile 3D scanning

Avondlezing door dr. S. Karaoglu, georganiseerd door de Rotterdamsche Chemische Kring. 

Large scale availability of image data, computational resources and advances in deep neural networks have led to unprecedented advancements in the field of computer vision. Modern day computer vision algorithms are able to identify and classify objects in real time better than we, human, do.

In this talk, Sezer will provide an overview of the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (i.e computer vision). In addition, he will interactively demonstrate existing solutions (i.e. mobile 3D scanning and its applications, deep fake generation and detection etc.) and show how artificial intelligence is already changing life paradigms to individuals as well as our whole society.

Curriculum vitae
Dr. Sezer Karaoglu is Co-Founder and CTO of 3DUniversum, technology spin-off of University of Amsterdam providing state-of-the art 2D\3D computer vision solutions. Sezer received his Ph.D. degree at Computer Vision Group, Informatics Institute, UvA. During his Ph.D. he has numerous publications in top-tier Computer Vision Journals and Conferences. Sezer is also part-time postdoctoral researcher at UvA and founder of two other startups (ScanM and 3DHealthScan). He passionately combines research and practice of computer vision technologies.

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LET OP: De lezing wordt om19.00 uur vooraf gegaan door de RCK Algemene Ledenvergadering