Over Analytisch lab van Shell Amsterdam

Analytisch lab van Shell Amsterdam

Excursie georganiseerd door de Rotterdamsche Chemische Kring. 

Analytical Chemistry at the Center of Shell’s Energy Transition.

In 2021 the Shell Technology Center Amsterdam (STCA), became the Shell Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA). This state of the art technology center is providing technology solutions for Shell’s new energy, downstream and upstream businesses. At the hart of these activities is the Shell Analytical Group, which is providing analytical technology solutions and services to the global Shell organisation.
In this meeting an overview of some of the key analytical services to Shell’s downstream and new energies business will be presented including; novel catalysis development both for downstream (e.g. gas to liquid), as well as new energies; CO2 capture; Bio to Glycol; Hydrogen, and biofuels.

Following the presentation, a laboratory tour of about 45 minutes is scheduled during which the visitors will get an impression of the setup of the Analytical Group at the Shell Energy Transition Center Amsterdam. Teams visited will include the Gas and Liquid Chromatography group which is the home of over 40 often custom made GC’s and LC’s, as well as the Structure and Imaging team where the latest microscopic instruments are located that allow for material analysis up to the atomic level.

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